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PREORDER Succulent Pad Wrapper

PREORDER Succulent Pad Wrapper

This is a preorder. Please allow 1 week for preorders to close. 1 week for fabric processing. And 1 week for order creation. In total please allow 3-4 weeks for your order to finish.


Store your Cosmic Cloth Pads in our Closmic Cloth Pad Wrappers designed to keep you on the move or overnight ready.


Simply take off your soiled pad, roll it up, snap pad shut and slide it in the pad wrapper. Turn pad wrapper inside out to wash. 5 inch size is good for pads size 6-12 inches, 6 inch size is good for pads size 14-16 inches.


Our wraps have a waterproof PUL layer inside to prevent any leakage until you get home. Outer fabric is Cotton Lycra

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