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Welcome to Cosmic Cloth Pads

Hey there ! Welcome to Cosmic Cloth Pad's very own BLOG ! how exciting. This will be different than Facebook or Instagram because here is where we will get up close and personal. I will spill all the details of who I am, what's been the motivation behind the brand, benefits of cloth pads, and even details behind the unique names of my products.

Who am I? If you were to look at instagram or any other social media outlet you may see a brand creator, a CEO, a crazy crafter, but I promise you I'm just a regular shmegular person with a huge passion for giving back to earth. This all started when I became pregnant. My partner, Moses and I had just moved to Washington. He moved here for a job and we sold everything to get here. What almost seemed like just a few weeks after arriving we became pregnant. Now here we are looking around our empty apartment like, "OH SHOOT! how the heck are we going to afford having a baby if we don't even have a bed!" I quickly transmuted that panic and worry into finding solutions. I thought to myself, "there's no way having babies should break the bank there has to be another way." I hit the ground running and stumbled upon cloth diapers. It wasn't even a thought in our minds, we quickly agreed that would be a wonderful way to save money. We didn't know much about it, but what we did know is Moses and I both worked in elderly care homes and are used to changing diapers and dealing with cloth bed pads, so how bad can this be right? As I progressed in the pregnancy I started going to the bathroom what seemed like every two seconds. So I thought to myself why not use my sons cloth wipes,

I mean he wasn't born yet so he wouldn't have known right ? It was in that moment that I merged the idea of cloth for my baby with cloth for myself. I began building my pad stash. I had bought a few cheapies off Amazon. Which at the time seemed good, but one day I was putting one on and I was frustrated with them sliding everywhere, so I thought, "There has to be a better way to make these!" BAM! Cosmic Cloth Pads was born.

Now the name Cosmic Cloth Pads comes from me embarking on a spiritual journey just a few months prior.

My love for this planet, the stars, and the universe runs deep in my heart. So the name really just resonated with me. When I birthed Cosmic Cloth Pads, I made a promise to myself and Gaia that I would raise the consciousness and vibrations of the planet through cloth pads. Every single cloth pad is made with my hands from my heart and holds the vibration of love. I so desperately want to bring awareness to what the disposable era has done to our planet though the use of toxic plastics that we still contribute to. I want our eyes to open wide and our hearts to open deep.

This was a little about me! thank you so much for stopping by. Some future topics will be the benefits of cloth, the meanings behind the names of my products (which will be super fun because they all have crazy deep meanings, so hopefully you're ready to dive down some rabbit holes), and what's its like to run a business and be a super cool mom all at the same time. See ya next post !

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I loved reading about your journey and how you came to be where you are today!! It’s wild how the universe works :)

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