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Portal To Pleiades

I want to take you on a journey to the stars, to a very special star system called the Pleiades Star Cluster. The Pleiades is so special to me because when I first started channeling, a lady came through by the name of Anastasia. I had no idea who she was or where she came from. What trips me out the most about channeling entities is I have no idea what information I am going to get, and half the time I have no idea what it means. If I want something clarified during the channeling, I must ask for that clarification, or wait until after and dive into research of my own.

So with that being said, let's meet Anastasia from Pleiades. One day early on in my journey, I went into trance without any expectations. When I go into trance I don't listen to any music or any fancy mediation app. I simply quiet myself and my surroundings. Most people want to hold on to keeping their mind quiet, but if you think about it. When you are in a trance state, you are still aware and working. You only quiet yourself to enter into trance, once you're there, your mind will fire up and go all sorts of places. Anyways, after I quiet myself, I ground out any negative energy that I have, I then welcome cosmic and earth energy. I run both of those energies through my body and chakras.

After I find myself in a relaxed but aware state, and running all my energy, I then welcome any entities of love and light to step forward and communicate. That is when a woman came through in a white dress. She had long blonde hair, with a necklace or amulet, and she had royal blue flats for shoes. She asked me to grab her hand as she guided me to a meadow. This meadow was special. The water had magical properties and was a beautiful bright turquoise color. Everything was so lush and alive. The flora and fauna was just... different. The plants were more alive than they are here on Earth. And the sky was a beautiful galaxy color that was a cotton candy pink, blue, and purple colors. All the planets were within reach, as if i could reach up and touch Saturn. When we got to this meadow, we sat down and she told me who she was. The following is channeled information directly from Anastasia.

"I'm sure you're wondering who I am. I am Anastasia from Pleiades. I am only one of many spirit guides who is contracted with you to guide you through your journey. I could not have come forward until you asked me to, although I am always around even if you don't realize it. But now that you have asked to meet your guides, I will come through first to get you aquatinted with all of the many changes you will feel in your life from here on out. I live here in this meadow, and we are currently on my home planet. Through mediation you can travel anywhere you want in the universe and this is exactly how you can contact me"

This short first interaction was the first of many. After she introduced herself, she let me walk around by myself. Normally, I would have been nervous to be somewhere so new and being by myself. However, there was a sense of peace where I was. Later on in a different channeling I will be told why other planets are so loving and peaceful. They don't contain the survival aspects that we have on Earth. But for now, I was in shock that I was alone in a meadow that was surrounded by so much nature, and no animals tried to attack me or anything like that? It was so bizarre. All of the plants, water, and sky was so bright. And not bright as in sunlight, but bright as though the plants had an iridescent glow to them.

Once I was finished walking around I was actually quite overwhelmed and said goodbye to Anastasia. It took me many days to process this interaction and even more time to work myself to go back and talk to her. The reason for this is because I spent a total of maybe 10 minutes in this trance state, however many hours of interaction happened while I was on her planet. So channeling really does take so much energy! You're not necessarily on Earth time. Matter of fact, time doesn't exist anywhere else but here on Earth (we'll leave that for another conversation). So when you astral travel to other planets you could be there for hours, days, or years in a short mediation session. Anastasia is only one of four beings that I channel regularly. She is the only being from the Pleaides Star System and really brings forth so much information I would have never been privy had I not met her. She is my main spirit guide and Akashic Record Keeper. She is with me through all my lifetimes; past, current, and future (that's an earthly reference, time is truly fluid and so are our lifetimes). And if I meet up with another spirit guide, she is always there no matter what.

The reason I made the Portal to Pleaides Pads a cotton candy color combination is because that's exactly what the sky looks like when you are on Anastasia's planet and look up into the sky. It's something I will never ever forget. Anastasia means so much to me and it was her to urged me to follow my path of sewing pads. It was the many conversations with her that ensured me I was following my heart and am waking people up in the process. It was her who has helped me break down the dualities that encompass planet Earth. This all sounds crazy, but when you enter into this realm you begin to see the magik thats interwoven within its dimensions. You begin to understand universal laws and how and why certain things have happened in your life. I promise you these blogs are only a snippet into this rabbit hole, but I urge you to please do your own research and discover your own truths. Because in the end, that's the only thing that will set you free, is your truth. And that's exactly what I'm living out; my divine truth as a pad maker, a mother, and an enlightened being. I walk in my truth every single day, and urge you to do the same. It's so freeing once you shed all of the third dimensional expectations of you and live out your hearts desires. And for me, that's creating through pads, creating life and giving birth, and channeling energy.

If you made it this far, THANK YOU! next blog post we will talk about what it means to be a starseed and we will get to meet a spirit guide by the name of Torrid. He holds such a special place in my heart. See you next post!

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