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Portal To Agartha

It's crazy because when I first put out my collections, I put out Portal of Pleiades first, then Portal to Agartha, and then Gaia. But recently I was channeling to my spirit guides and I was told to explain them in reverse. At first I didn't quite understand what they meant, but after asking more questions, I was given answers. This is what I was told. "Those who have not lifted the veil will not understand Portal to Pleaides if they cannot understand their own Mother Earth Gaia first. One cannot possibly understand what Agartha is without understanding Gaia first. Once you can get others to open their eyes to what happens right here on our planet, then we can travel deep into Agartha and then out into the Pleiades Star System."

I released Portal to Pleiades first to spark interest, and to really get my customers to open their eyes. Even subconsciously. Even if they just quickly look at the name "Portal to Pleiades" and don't research it, but go "HMMM? what does that mean..." in their head. To me, that means if the word Portal to Pleiades is ever brought up again they will recognize the word and dig further. So I used that collection to really peak interest. However, I am being asked to hold off on explaining what Portal to Pleiades is until I explain Agartha. And soon this will all make sense.

Some think the world is flat, some think it's round. Some think the earth is solid; meaning the

earth contains a crust, mantle, and core and is filled with magma. But some think the earth is hollow. At this point I really can't say the word "think" because I know too many details to even say "think" anymore. I know this because this information was given to me in a channeling session before I even was privy to the word Agartha. I was told exactly what Agartha is and all the many beings that reside inside. After the channeling session I began to research what Agartha is and BAM! everything checked out.

Okay, so what is Agartha? I'm going to try and put this in simple terms. However, as always, please do not take my word on anything. Do your own research and form your own opinions. Long before our current countries and continents existed, we had Lemuria and Atlantis. Both civilizations existed in different energies. Atlanteans held the male energy, and Lemuria held the feminine. We all are familiar with the fall of Atlantis, however we don't ever hear WHY Atlantis fell, or that Lemuria fell right along with it. When Lemuria and Atlantis fell, the people who inhabited the land were well aware. I won't go into details of what happened between the two civilizations, however just know that both civilizations knew what was going to happen and they sought refuge. But how?

Just like our bodies, our planet has a chakra system. And there are particular points along the chakra system that contains portals. You heard that right. PORTALS! If you need a place to start your research I suggest a streaming app called Gaia, watch a series called Initiation by Matias De Stefano. It will explain this better than I can. But our closest portal is Mount Shasta. Which is exactly where the Lemurians took refuge after the loss of their civilization. Many other beings aside from Lemurians live inside the mountain. Dragons, Unicorns, Fairys and the Fae Realms, and soooo many more.

They have shifted their bodies and cities to the fifth dimension however, there are some areas inside Mount Shasta that are still third dimensional and are accessible by invitation. The system inside earth that is accessible through the Mount Shasta entry point leads directly into the underground civilization of Agartha.

At first I had such a hard time believing this, but when you are on Gaia, the app, there is a show called Cosmic Disclosure that invites military personnel to come on and disclose top secret information which includes a LOT of information on how the military travels about the underground system. Our military and government are well aware of Agartha and the beings that reside there, and even work hand in hand with some beings.

And this is where I'm going to leave it. Dig deep and go find out what Agartha is, and who lives there. Your mind will be blown once you find out that it's not a secret, only one kept from the public. There are some great books on Agartha, Lemuria, and Hollow Earth, and I urge you to check out the streaming app Gaia. There truly is so much information waiting to be discovered. Gaia, Agartha, and Pleiades are only the beginning.

If you made it this far THANK YOU! Next time I will take you on a journey to the Pleaides Star System. See ya next blog post. !

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