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Updated: Jul 4, 2021

So how the HECK did Gaia get her name ? In this case I'm talking about my pad collection. I have all sorts of crazy names for my collections, but are they ACTUALLY crazy ? The answer is simple. No. Every single collection that gets put out is actually a data download that I get. Data download? Okay Ashley. Calm down. Now we really are getting crazy here! Actually, we're not... Let's dive deep down this rabbit hole. But first, I need to share a little bit of background information about me before we can continue.

From previous posts you have found out how I was introduced to cloth pads, and how I was led to become a pad maker. But what we didn't touch on was how I've been intuitively led to where I am now. July 2020 I fell down the spiritual rabbit hole. How this all happened was one day my friend came over to my house and she gave me a hardcore dose of reality. However she did it in a subtle way, and it was my curiosity and eagerness to learn more that brought me to where I am now. Within this journey I discovered our chakra system and meditation. Then it got deeper and I began to meditate. I immediately noticed my meditation sessions were very different than, let's say, what you would hear about on Youtube or something. During these sessions, I would gather some crystals geared to what I was trying to achieve, set my intentions into the crystals, and begin to let go. Let go of everything. I would ground myself into the Mother Earth Gaia washing away any worries or future plans that I'm thinking about. I would then pull up Earth energy through my feet, and cosmic energy through my crown chakra. After a few moments of sitting with myself, I quickly found myself inside of what seemed to be a shroom trip. Obviously I'm not doing shrooms.... (no shame to anyone who does them, we all need a little mushies in our life), but I had the same effects as a shroom trip without actually having to consume them. What was happening was I'm activating my Pineal Gland. This journey looks different for everyone, but for me, I was seeing bright neon colors and energy running through the room. I was able to see different timelines that I've lived through, and through this was able to make sense of why certain things have happened in my life.

After a few months of playing around with what I've stumbled upon, I then went deeper. I thought there has to be more to this universe than energy in form of neon colors (which i later found out through a download that our universe actually is only energy that shows up in different colors and vibrations, but we will leave that for a different time). So I went into a trance state and asked to meet my spirit guide. It was this moment here that forever changed my life. I won't get into detail in this post about all the spirit guides I've met, but, I will say that through these interactions I have met many on planet and off planet beings. When these interactions happen I am given a tremendous amount of information telepathically.

These are called data downloads. I have never dabbled in this before, so when each interaction happened, I would record all of the information I received onto a voice memo on my phone, so that I could actually go and research what they were telling me. I want to be clear that I have no previous knowledge of anything that is being given to me. Hence, why I record it. I'm not joking when I say this, but everything that has been given to me, after research, check outs completely. Which scared me at first. I had no idea what I got myself into. But then I became excited, and started asking them specific questions. Which leads me directly to Cosmic Cloth Pads. That name in-particular was given to my by a spirit guide who told me it was my mission to bring awareness to what our generation is doing to our planet through the toxic plastic disposable era.

Fast Forward. I began to doubt the information I was getting because I began to feel crazy. So I decided to enroll in a course that helps me tap in and trust my psychic abilities. This was a big turning point for me because this 5 month course gave me the proper tools to not only trust the information I was getting, but tools that helped me access these abilities outside of a trance state.

One day I was given information that my pad names need to be names that will spark the interest of people who have no idea what I'm talking about. The whole point of my titles are to spark some curiosity inside of you to dig deeper. For example, my pad Gaia, was given to me by a spirit guide. Most of us know what Gaia means, however for those that don't hopefully it will spark them to want to dig deeper and find out why her name is Gaia, or why she holds a feminine energy, and let the path unfold from there. Gaia was not actually the first name that was channeled to me through my spirit guide. But, I figured I would start with describing that name first because we need to understand our own planet, Gaia, before we can understand the other names that were channeled to me like Portal to Pleiades, or Portal to Agartha, which both of those we will talk about next post!

All that we need to know right here right now is Gaia is alive and breathing. The trees are her lungs, and the ocean is her blood. We are the cells of her body and everything we do affects her. She constantly is absorbing our energy and shifts accordingly through our weather systems. And this is where I will stop and encourage you to please do your own research. Let my pads be a gateway to Gaia, the cosmos, the universe, to self, and to source. Let my data downloads be the stepping stones to your own journey and let your path unfold before your own eyes.

If you made it to the end, thank you! next blog I will be talking about Portal to Agartha, which is a super fun topic! I can't wait to pass on this information to you! See ya next post!

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