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  • Why switch to cloth pads?
    There are so many great reason why we should make the switch to cloth, but I’ll name just a few. Cloth pads are not only great for our bodies but great for the environment. We use up to 8,700 pads or tampons in our lifetime. Now multiply that by every woman you know. That’s A LOT of trash that ends up in our landfill just from our lifetime cycle. So not only are we cutting down on trash, we are making room for our future generations to move away from the disposable era.
  • Do cloth pads smell?
    The simple answer to this is No. they don’t smell. What you smell when you are on your period is your natural scent that is mixing with the chemical properties that are in disposables leaving a less desirable smell when you change your pad.
  • How do you store soiled pads?
    In a wet bag. We offer waterproof wet bags that you can hold either your soiled or clean pads. This makes for easy transport and easy clean up. When it comes time to wash simply flip the wet bag inside out. And when drying flip it back right side in.
  • How do you wash your pads?
    Washing pads every 2-3 days is recommended. Wash with like clothes. No fabric softener. Tumble dry no dryer sheets as additives affect the absorbency of the pads. To prolog the lifespan of your pads you can hang dry.
  • How many pads do I need?
    For a starter stash it’s recommended to have 8-10 pads and a wet bag and go from there.
  • Which pads are best?
    This would be completely up to you and how you flow. However it’s recommended to have a mixture of fabric types to suit your needs for whatever stage of your period you are in. If you have a heavy first couple days try out Organic Bamboo Velour (OBV) , or Minky pads. If you have a lighter flow or looking for a liner for incontinence try a cotton or flannel pad. Having a mix of pads is extremely helpful when our body decides to switch gears from those heavy days to the lighter days.
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